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"Green (or black, or pink, etc.) isn't period / "Linen in colors other than blue, brown or grey isn't appropriate / "Vegetable dyes fade faster than modern dyes." 

"Gowns weren't worn by middle-class (or poor) women," and "gowns are more dangerous around fires."

"Everything back then was handmade and therefore primitive."

"People living on the frontier adapted Indian clothing and habits."

"Poor people couldn't afford any nice stuff, not even a silk handkerchief."

"Poor people didn't wear stays", "all women always wore stays," and  "Stays were never worn uncovered."

"All campfollowers were women of ill repute."

"Tatting is period."

"I made (Garment X) from a pattern and it doesn't fit me."

"Crochet is period."



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