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From Karen Augusta; used with permission

Country: United States, possibly Pennsylvania Quaker origins.

Materials: Pale gray silk satin, ivory china silk lining, silk ribbons. Gray silk used on the hood has a pinkish tone.

Provenance: Ann Bolton Booth, originally from Chestertown, MD, and then later from Philadelphia, PA. Label: Small paper label pinned to cloak dated 1791. Measurements: Hood opening, 42"; center back L. beginning at base of hood, 18"; hem circumference of cloak, 120"; W. of squared off ends of cloak, 10".

Comments: In Sharon Ann Burnston's book, Fitting & Proper, an identical 18th c. cloak to this one is pictured and described on page 32. In putting forth her reasons for theorizing that the cloak has Quaker origins, the author states, "the piecing of the cloak shows the (Quakers) thrifty use of costly fabric in cutting oddly shaped garments." This cloak is a rare surviving example of late 18th century woman's outerwear.



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