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Embroidered Apron from Karen Augusta, used with permission

First Half of 18th C., United Kingdom

Materials: Cream silk faille, polychrome silk floss, gold wrapped thread, silver wrapped thread.

Condition: Excellent. In one of the cornucopias there is a small area of unraveled metallic thread; otherwise the apron is in near perfect condition. Colors vibrant; no stains or tears.

Measurements: Top gather, 11"; L, 19"; Hem C, 40".

Comments: Aprons and other decorative textiles were made solely to display an 18th century woman's prowess with the needle. The large scale of the symmetrical floral design is typical of the early decades of the 18th c. The narrow gold metallic threads are expertly couched. French knots in the centers of the tulips and cornucopias (looking very much like cut steel and brass beads) were worked in a heavier weight of both the gold and silver threads. Bold and decorative, this lady's apron has survived in remarkable condition. It is a magnificent example of 18th century English needle arts.

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