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From the website of Karen Augusta, dealer in antique clothing & accessories, published with permission:
#2200 Fitted Bodice c. 1780 England

Materials: Olive green figured silk stripe over ivory, embroidered net lace, homespun linen lining, 7 baleen stays, cotton cord.

Provenance: In 1960 a California antique clothing collector acquired this piece from costume historian Doris Langley Moore.

Measurements: B, 32"; W, 25"; Sh-Sh, 14"; Front L, 14"; Slv L, 21.5".

Comments: The late 18th century bodice or jacket was cut to fit closely over the woman's torso. The sleeves on this bodice are long and shaped over the elbow causing the arm to remain in a pleasing bent position; fashion took precedence over comfort in the eighteenth century. There are five pair of eyelets and lacings at the bottom of each sleeve. When wearing a fitted bodice such as this one, a woman would fill in the low cut neckline with a filmy muslin neck scarf. A very full skirt acted as a counter balance to the molded top. To see a similar bodice refer to page 69 of the Kyoto Costume Institute's book, Revolution In Fashion 1715-1815.



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