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Please see the Appin Regiment's guidelines for Women's Clothing -- I've consolidated the grid from this page with the Appins' guidelines.

Other sources:

18th C. Women's Clothing Guidelines for American Revolutionary War reenactors -- a bit later than 1745, but mostly applicable

A Mid-18th Century Picture Gallery of Women's Clothing
(Caveat: Please be aware of the moral messages the painter is trying to convey in these pictures.  Often, painters would show someone wearing items a certain way -- for instance, stays unlaced or no stays to indicate a 'loose' woman -- to make a point.) I've removed the hyperlinks to these pictures because the sites have changed the locations of the artwork, and I don't have time to track down the new locations; do a Google search for them by name and artist. Paris Street Cries by Bouchardon; 1737-1742 (Figs 178-221).
Broken Eggs by Jean Baptiste Greuze (1756)-- look at the kertch-like item worn by the old woman; interesting parallel to the Scottish kertch.
Le Geste Napolitain by Jean Baptiste Greuze (1757)
Greuze: The Spoiled Child (1765)
Chardin: Grace before the meal (1761)
Chardin: Girl Peeling Vegetables
Chardin: The Attentive Nurse (1738)
Chardin: The Laundress (1730s)
Chardin: The Return from Market (1739)
Greuze: The Laundress
Fragonard: The Stolen Kiss
Liotard: The Chocolate-Girl (1743-1745) -- Swiss

Later time period, but informative:
Plucking the Turkey by Henry Walton (1776) -- wearing bedgown, checked apron
A Woman doing Laundry by Henry Robert Morland

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